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Srego CE ToolPack Command-Line

The Srego CE ToolPack Command-Line tools provides a set of command-line utilities for the Windows desktop to manipulate a connected Windows CE, Pocket PC, Window Mobile, or Windows Mobile Smartphone device.  The command-line tools are run on the desktop (not the device) and are ideal for scripting interactions between the desktop and the connected device.  The utilities are similar in functionality to existing Windows Command Prompt utilities such as Copy, Del, Move, Dir, MkDir, RmDir, and Start, only the task is performed on the device, not the desktop. Included tools:  ceCD, ceCopy, ceDel, ceDir, ceMkdir, ceMove, cePull, cePush, ceRmdir, ceStart, ceDbCopy, ceTouch, ceJump, ceReg, ceAttrib

Srego CE ToolPack ActiveX Control

The Srego CE ToolPack ActiveX Control is a development tool that encapsulates the features found in the Srego CE ToolPack command-line utilities.  From the desktop, the ActiveX control can detect device connections and disconnections, manipulate files on the device, transfer files between the desktop and device, read and modify the device's registry, and interact with CE databases (.cdb) on the device.  The ActiveX control communicates with the connected device via RAPI (Remote Application Programming Interface) and requires no software to be loaded on the device. An ActiveSync connection is all that is needed.

Srego ceCmd Command WindowBETA

The Srego ceCmd Command Window is similar to the Windows Command Prompt. It is installed on and runs on the desktop, but it manipulates a connected Windows Mobile Device or Smartphone. The Srego ceCmd uses RAPI (Remote Applicatoin Programming Interface) to communicate with the connected device and no software needs to be installed on the device itself; an ActiveSync connection is all that is needed. Supported device platforms include Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, and CE.NET.




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